If Only You Knew Women Love Men In Red Color

Men wearing red pant in the group

We definitely do not want to see you wearing everything red from head to toe, looking like a complete Santa Clause in summer. That would actually make us barf… Who knows??? But we definitely and most desirably want you to add a little red to your wardrobe because….

Because RED IS HOT and it lights a flame of desire in a woman’s heart when she sees a man who has some shades of red in his looks.

Most men stay away from red and seriously we don’t know know why. May be they think its too girly or too bright or just too off manly or it makes them look gay but if they only knew how hot they look with a little touch of red in their entire look they would always choose red.

Today we will show you how you can look stunning and hot in this desirable color.

Men Wearing Red Shirts

Men wearing red shirt and blue jeans

Any checkered red shirt is self sufficient and does not need anything else to reduce its brightness. If you are wearing a reddish maroon shirt or t-shirt then again you do not need to assist it with anything.

With a bright red shirt you may need to wear something light over it to reduce it’s shocking effects.

Men Wearing Red Pants Or Jeans

Men wearing red pant in the group

And see… Had we just said that men can wear bright red jeans or pant you would have made a strange weird face. But look at those guys in the image.

The only key to wearing a bright red pant or jeans is to wear it with a very light colored shirt or pair it with jacket, coat or blazer. Cotton jackets are more likely that leather jackets.

Men Wearing Red Jackets, Blazers & Hoods

Men wearing red jacket and jeans

You can wear a red bright blazer, jacket and hood with any softer colored shirt inside and a dark base color jeans or pant such as blue, brown, black or even white.

Do not even think of wearing a red shirt inside or with a red pant.

Men Wearing Red Accessories & Shoes

Men wearing red watch

If you are not comfortable with wearing red then you add just a little touch of red to yourself by wearing red shoes or any of the red accessories such as a red cap/hat, red belt or a red bag.

This will keep your style sober while adding red to your colors.


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