What Guys Think About Girls Hair Buns

Girls hair buns that guys like

Did we know that men have a very different perspective about a woman’s hair bun. Don’t worry, they don’t hate it all together but they do hate certain hair buns.

Today we will find out which hair buns do men like and which they hate.

1. The Twisted Top Knot Bun – Almost at the crown of the head.

Do men like the twisted top knot: Nope. They hate it.

What do men think about twisted top knot : It looks like a golf ball over their head of which no purpose has been decided yet. The tight hair pulled back looks like the woman is in severe pain and almost gives the same image as of a bald woman.

2. Top Big Hair Bun – Covering the entire crown of the head

Do men like the top big hair bun : Noh, not really.

What do men think about top big hair bun : It looks like a bird nest, ostrich may be, and I have a feeling there are eggs inside it.

3. Messy Top Hair Bun – On the top but back of the head

Do men like the messy top hair bun :  Yes, Love it.

What do men think about messy top hair bun : It actually makes them look very sexy because they make us believe that they are looking hot after just getting out of bed.

4. Basic Low Bun – Hanging right at the neck where the hairline ends

Do men like the basic low bun : Not at all

What do men think about : My grandma used to wear one of those when she stepped in her 50s. So it ain’t a decent picture to see a young girl in a grandma hair bun.

5. Messy Low Bun – Way above the neck but still low

Do men like the messy low bun : Yes, Love it.

What do men think about messy low bun : It looks effortless styling even though we know they must have spend hours getting that look, but well… we are just interested in the end results.

6. Braided Low Bun – Buns right at the neck but complemented with braids

Do men like the braided low bun : Ummm… Not that bad.

What do men think about braided low bun : If it’s a special occasion and they are wearing a backless gown, we wouldn’t mind this hairstyle at all. As long as it keeps there back naked


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