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Some people are wanderers; they love to travel while some love adventures. Youngsters now a days love traveling and adventure both.  Are you a traveling youngster and looking for a new adventure like Desert Safari? For those who loves driving, desert safari is the best option to have fun with.

In a deserted place like Dubai nothing could be as thrilling and adventurous as Desert Safari. You can drive a land cruiser or a beech rally in a huge desert randomly on an uneven sand path in day time and chill at night, camping and enjoying Dubai’s special ‘Khahva’.

If you have ever been to Dubai and haven’t experienced Desert Safari, you have missed the thrilling adventure in a place of dreams. During such adventurous travelling you can carry some books to set up your mood. You can find the list below:

1. Adventures of Lifetime: Travel Tales From Around The World By Janna Grabber

Adventures of Lifetime: Travel Tales From Around The WorldIf you are a true adventure lover you must go this novel. It describes the meaning of adventures with different perspective of different people. To some adventure is having a new experience, to some adventure is having or making a memory, while others take it as fighting your fear doing dangerous and fun filled activities. It portrays the story of how a single man experience different adventures, and frightful experiences in his life. This book also gives a concept that anyone can give his or her a new perspective to adventure according to them but it is a must read book during travel.

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2. 127 Hours: Between A Rock And A Hard Place By Aron Ralston

127 Hours: Between A Rock And A Hard Place book DubaiAdventure is fun, but sometimes adventure could be dangerous too. This book revolves around the story of a boy Aron, who loves cycling on the rocks and camping there. But then during his thrilling adventure he faces the consequences of his dangerous adventure. He spend days stuck between the rocks with no food and water, and does different things to get him out of the trouble. He must survive for he loves his life and does not accept to quit trying to get him out of this trouble.

This book also tells and gives us a message what a person should avoid during his adventure. To find out how he gets himself out of there you must read the book.

3. Skeletons On the Zahara: A True Story Of Survival By Dean King by Little, Brown and Company

Skeletons On the Zahara - Book DubaiWhen a thrilling or adventurous novel is based on a true story it becomes more thrilling naturally. The story starts with 12 American sailors shipwrecked off the coast of Africa, later captured by desert nomads and sentenced to 2-3 months journey in the hot hellish Sahara Desert. They traveled in Sahara on camels day and night, when the heat was unbearable, and there was not even a drop of water or food for them to survive. What made them live for such a long time was brotherhood and their courage.

It creates the curiosity of knowing ‘what happens next’.  This book is a great compilation of thrill, adventure and facing your fears and dreadful experiences.

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4. Miracles In The Andes By Nando Parrado, Vince Rause

Miracles In The Andes - BookIt was a dark night and silence everywhere, Nando Parrado was unconscious for three days when he woke he saw the plane carrying him and his whole rugby team was crashed somewhere in deep Andes. Some were dead, other were about to including her mother and sister too. He knew he had to survive, he had to die trying there and then he took a strong step and then there he was after 30 years of that accident telling the story with deep feelings.

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5. The World At Large By Adam E. Mehaffay

The world at large - book in DubiaFor some people adventure is all that matters and Adam was one of the same persons. He left as a couple of months to an adventure and it turned out to be a ten year learning experience. He travelled 60 countries of the world visiting different places and learned so much about life and visited such places where no man has ever been. During his journey he faced hard times as well as joy too. He describes his whole 10 year journey in a book.

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6. The Last Chance To See By Douglas Adams, Mark Carwardine

The Last Chance To See - book in DubaiAdventure is of different aspects to different people. Some consider adventure as fishing, diving, jumping off a cliff, and some take it as a learning and research on animals and wild life creatures. Douglas Adams and a zoologist Mark Carwardine went on a journey to explore different species of wilf life animals and birds which were on verge of extinction at that time. “ The thing of beauty is joy forever”, he describes his joyful journey and learning about animals in this book.

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7. Sailing Around The World Alone by Joshua Slocum

Sailing Alone Around The World - book in DubaiHave you ever imagined yourself fishing alone in the sea, or sailing alone with no fellow men?  Scary right? But this man Joshua Slocum gave a real picture to what no one can ever imagine. He sailed around the world all alone starting from Boston in 1895 and continued his journey for 3 years. He in his worlds has written his experience of sailing alone in the world and now this book is known as one of the greatest narratives of adventure ever written.

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