Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Jeans!!!

Jeans guide for men

It’s no secret that when it comes to fashion, the world caters more to women. They have more choices in fabric, patterns, colors, embellishments and gawd knows what what. But this doesn’t mean that men cannot make the most of what is available to them.

Men’s fashion world is revolutionizing with new trends, new fashion & new designs.

Some years back men did not really bother looking into the mirror to fix every little detail before leaving the house, but the kind of change we’re talking about here, is something different. Men are now changing their definition of fashion. They now carefully choose their dressing style, color combinations and pay a heap of attention to what is going on around them.

Gone are the days when men were considered sexy with whatever they just threw on but today, things have become much different. Men are more into fashion and take it seriously.

The jeans have come a long way since the time they were made.

Did you know that the first pair of jeans was invented in 1873 by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss? WOAHHH!!!

Jeans has revolutionized since then. The pattern, the fitting, the style and the colors too. It all started with jeans on a little above the waist, then it gradually came down to waist, then below waist and then it was the waist bone. Well, let’s just hope it doesn’t go down below the waist bone because that would be too OOGLY.

Types Of Jeans

Jeans are a whole new world of wardrobe in itself. There are literally so many combinations of fabric, design and style that they would make many unique jeans but are they all fabulous? DOUBTFUL…

Let’s talk about the kind of jeans available to the men.

Slim Fit-Skinny jeans are cool.

Lots of people have put these on but rarely do they know if this type of jeans make them look cool or drowsy. Skinny jeans are controversial. You can’t really say that skinny people shouldn’t wear skinny jeans because I have seen some really skinny guys looking ice melting amazing in skinny jeans because they knew how to carry them.

So if you have the confidence to flaunt in these pair of jeans, you have it what it takes to look cool. but if you are not comfortable wearing them, do not wear them at all.

Baggy-Baggy jeans are hippie. 

Baggie jeans can make the dopiest geek look hipster, if you know what I mean. These jeans are a great choice if you are too thin and want to add a little body to yourself. Men who are huge in size, should avoid wearing these jeans as it will make them look even bigger. They are definitely comfortable and also look great.

Boot Cut/Flares are flattering.

Boot cut or flares are cowboy jeans that are wide at the bottoms. Some people call them the bell bottom jeans due to their shape. these jeans are fit on the waist, a little forgiving on the thighs but hung tight towards the knee as the go about wide towards the ankle. They are great to be worn with boots and checkered shirts.

Straight Cut jeans are sophisticated. 

Straight cut jeans are every man’s best friend. They provide comfort, ease and a very sophisticated look. They go straight from the thighs all the way down. This style of jeans is supposed to be a little fit towards the thigh area but as it goes down, it becomes loose towards knees and calves.

These are classic style of jeans and can be worn for casual gatherings too. Wear a t-shirt and a coat on this and it almost elevates the entire formal look with a tinge of casual look.

Low Rise jeans are funky.

Low rise jeans are fashionable new twist to jeans where the jeans does not fit at your waistline, instead it sits on your hip bone. These jeans come in straight cut, slim fit,  bootleg or wide leg. If you are going to wear a low rise jeans, you better pair it up with a longer shirt or else, you are going to show some midriff which ain’t cool buddy.

How To Choose A Perfect Pair Of Jeans

Choosing a perfect pair of jeans can be very difficult and frustrating if you have to practically visit 7 stores and try several jeans in each store before you make a purchase.

The fit is probably the most crucial factor when buying a new pair of jeans. Here is how you can do it. If you are not sure what is your figure called, check it here.

  1. Hour-glass Figure: Choose a wide-legged jean that has a mid-rise and flat front.
  2. Pear-shaped Figure: Choose straight cut jeans and avoid wearing tapered legged jeans as they put spot light on your thighs. You can also try flares.
  3. Rectangular Figure: Choose flares or boot cut jeans to add a little curves to your rectangular figure.
  4. Apple-shaped Figure: Choose a moderate jean that fastens right below your belly button to keep your stomach in.
  5. Flat Rear Figure: Choose jeans with higher back pockets so that your flat rear gets a little volume and curve.
  6. Large Rear Figure: Choose jeans with lower back pockets that are tightly fit into the jeans.
  7. Small Height Figure: Choose jeans with boot cut or cropped skinny jeans to fight your height.
  8. Tall Height Figure: Choose straight legged jeans to compliment your tall lean height.
  9. Plus Size Figure: Choose dark washed denim jeans in straight cut.
  10. Trouble Zone Figure: Choose dark colored jeans and avoid wearing rugged, light and bleached jeans as they make your unusual figure look prominently unusual revealing your trouble zones.

For the comfort of your jeans and to check if this pair of jeans fits you perfectly, try out your jeans and get a good jeans feeling.

Walk around.
Jump up and down.
Sit down.
Bend over.

How do you feel? Great and comfy? Go get these jeans. 

Jeans Guide For Men

Jeans are a style essential season after season, and they’re the simplest building block for any casual outfit. If you want a perfect pair of jeans you need to know:


To get a perfect jeans, you need to know your measurements. Different brands will give you different fit no matter how accurate they try to be. The best way to find your measurements is to measure. It may seem silly doing it in the store but it will get you your perfect fit.


You need to know what kind of figure you have and then go accordingly with the style of jeans we mentioned just above. This does not mean that you stick to one style of jeans. Experiment your way with different styles and go for the ones you find your edge in.

Denim trends come and go, but these are the classics that you’ll see again & again every year.


Dark jeans cover your problem areas while light, bleached or rugged jeans will spot lights on your trouble zones. In the same manner, if you have a good curve body with perfect rears, light colored jeans will make you look hot and sexy.

Different color jeans mens

How To Choose A Jeans According To Occasions

Jeans never go out of fashion. You can choose to wear jeans for any occasion whether it’s a party, outing or a date. You can even wear jeans to work by appropriately selecting the other areas i.e shirt, tie, vests, coats or an upper.

The most important part of dressing up your jeans is knowing which jeans to dress up with.

When going out formally, wear dark colored jeans as they have a more sober look than the light colored jeans. As for the style, go for a dressy jeans such as a straight cut. Wear check or striped shirts to complete your formal look. It is apt for casual business meeting or a routine meeting with clients or may be “her” parents.

If you are going out for a movie, an outing with girlfriend or a gang time with friends, go with a classic cuts. Boot cut or straight cuts are good too. A skinny jeans may work as well depending upon the sort of outing you are planning to have.

Consider wearing a black or a white denim jeans of you are going in for something “more formal” but not completely formal. A black or white denim makes it completely apt for formal occasions and can be paired with pretty much everything and every style.

Should Men Wear Colored Jeans

Men wearing red pant in the group

Just like skinny jeans, colored jeans are too controversial. Some like it, some love it while some loathe the sight of it. It is a true controversy actually because on some, colored jeans look totes fabulous but it looks dread ugly on others.

So the question comes back to “Should men wear colored jeans?” There are some great ways to rock those colored jeans and not look, well, ridiculous, if you can find your edge in them.

The first important factor to consider is your body type and figure. We have already discussed that above so by now you have a complete idea of what style should look good on you and what colors. If everything is pointing towards colored jeans, then no harm trying it out.

You can wear any colored jeans provided your are confident enough to really rock your own personal style and that my fellow reader, takes courage.

Wearing colored jeans is making a fashion statement. Choose your colors wisely and rationally. Wearing red jeans with yellow t-shirt or vice-versa is stupid. You need to mix and match very wisely. See what colors match soberly and what colors actually compliment each other.

A red jeans would look great on a white t-shirt while a yellow jeans would go suitably well with a dark brown chocolate t-shirt. We have done a separate blog on red jeans and how to wear them. So don’t forget to get a glimpse of that.

Remember, Generic is out. Check out this dark blue jeans with dark green shirt. How stylish the whole look is.

If you’re doing it right, you can wear colored jeans in any color you choose. Whether it’s yellow, green, orange or even pink, you will still look stylish and masculine, yet remember to mix and match wisely.


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