Hey Guys! Take Care Your Long Hairs Or You May Go Bald

Guys long hairs

Recent fashion has definitely empowered guys to have long hair. What these guys forget is that its easy to have long hair but its also important to take care of them. Otherwise you may end up bald.

Having long hair ends up with some problems. You must be wondering WHY these problems occur.

Here is an example WHY:

A child, when small will need only a small quantity of food. When he grows up to an adult and is given the SAME QUANTITY of food, it is insufficient resulting in bad health.
Hence your hair are growing. Now they will need care in order to stay healthy.

1) Hair Breakage:

When your hair were short the proteins were enough to keep them healthy, but now as the length has increased , your proteins are evidently insufficient to keep them healthy.
Increase your protein intake by having a good diet. You may also use extra intakes of proteins through supplements or natural food.

2) Rough Hair or Frizzy Hair:

This means that your hair is LOOSING THE MOISTURE.

Just as you have very dry skin you IMMEDIATELY apply FACE CREAM to ease it and give it moisture because otherwise your face will have THE DRY PATCHES. Same is the case for your head and hair but how often do you think about oiling your hair?

3) White Hair (a few white hair strands here and there):

Now this is a very rare problem but some people face it, even those who don’t have long hair face it. There are basically two reasons which might  have caused it.


When you hair were short, EACH HAIR STRAND could easily get the sunlight when you walked out of your home. As you hair grows long, the hair on the inside ARE NOT GETTING ENOUGH SUNLIGHT AND OXYGEN.

Hence let your hair breath fresh air and sunlight by keeping them open and making sure that all of them get enough sunlight and air.


When your Sinus is blocked, the muccus is not flowing, it starts getting accumulated in the inside of your head leading to white hair.

See a DOCTOR immediately.

4) They have lost its quality/ shine/ looks:

Your hair may be gorgeous and healthy and looked awesome when they were short. But as they grow, their quality and shine and looks will start falling down. Unless all the above care has been taken.
Apply conditioner to your hair BECAUSE THEY NEED IT.

5) DAMN, They seem NOT to Grow at all:

Be patient. Hair grows about 1/2 inch every month, So don’t expect it long before a few months.

Comb your hair BACKWARDS from behind… Do this at-least twice in a day. This will open the pores of your head skin and will allow hair to grow easily and perhaps more quickly.

And finally DON’T MEASURE YOUR HAIR DAILY. Let them grow and take time.

Okay thats all from my desk.



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