French Braid Your Hair

Sexy French Braid

Lets discuss various aspects of this hair style.

Hair Length:

If you have medium hair, long hair or very long hair then French Braid is your best friend. Girls having shoulder length hair or below can easily work this hair style on.

Hair Type:

It is suitable for girls having any hair type, from silky smooth to wavy and bouncy, from soft curly hair to heavy curly hair. French Braid tends to bring about all your hair in a very classy and smart hold and adds serenity to your hair.

Hair Cut:

Of course French Braid is totally in favor of girls with Straight Cut hair but you will be amazed to find that French Braid looks good in almost any hair cut you have and works extra ordinarily amazing in Step cut, layer cut, laser cut, deep layers, Bangs, half layers, scissor cut etc.

But the cliche lies in deciding the occasion where you are wearing this hairstyle. We will be talking about this after we discuss the occasion and events.

Occasion & Events:

French braid your hair on weddingFrench Braid goes a long way in your teenage life and is appropriate for almost all occasions. Whether its just another college day , your Prom night, a date or a wedding, French Braid will compliment you everywhere.

Hair Cut And Occasion & Events:

I just said that French Braid looks good on almost all hair cut and in all occasions but some lets talk on this subject more elaborately.

If you have Straight hair cut then definitely it is your first choice because it can be worn in any occasion or event.


If you have Bangs, Any type of Layer cut, Scissor Cut or Laser cut then there are some pros and cons.

Your Bangs or any short hair from front are sure to come out of the hold of your french braid and fall on your face sides. Now this is a very gorgeous look trust me but it shouldn’t be worn in College specially when you have serious studies as they may irritate or trouble you.

If you have a College Formal Function, Debate, Educational Competition, Speech etc AVOID it at all cost as this is a highly INFORMAL look and will also deviate and distract you from concentrating on your main task.

The same look is a serious Killer look for any wedding, prom night, date etc as the hair falling out from the French Braid will give you a very Vibrant look with the special dress that your wearing.

This video will teach you how to French Braid and its pretty simple as well. With a little practice you can become an expert in it and will probably take 3 to 6 minutes depending upon the length of your hair.

Once your expert, you can even do different tricks on your own.

Happy French Braiding Gurls.

P.S : Do you know em in French Braid at this moment


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