10 Things I Love About Celebrities

Things I love about celebrities

I thought it would be totally unfair of me to have written 10 Things I Hate About Celebrities without bringing forth the good sides of the celebrities. So to make things equal, today’s blog is about 10 Things I Love About Celebrities.

  1. They are always part of at least one welfare trust or organisation for the cause of humanity. Whether a publicity stunt or real cause, we know that someone is being helped because of them.
  2. Often they participate in game shows and they make it clear that the amount they win will go to charity. Again, this is a very good motive and a message to others reminding that we have to take care of those who are less fortunate than us.
  3. No matter how weird and strange their designer’s dress may be, they wear it confidently on the red carpet without worrying what the world will think about them and knowing that the next day fashion police will be judging them as hot or not.
  4. Even though they know paparazzi circle them 24/7, they do not forget to live a normal life. They wear their most casual dress with no make up and messy hairstyle and go about the streets with their family.
  5. They are honest about the mistakes they do. If they have to do it, they rather do it in front of the people without anything to hide about it. That needs a lot of guts.
  6. Most of the celebrities prompt us to do good things by personally doing them and presenting themselves as role models. Take Angelina & Brad Pitt for example. They adopted 3 kids from different cultures, have 3 kids of their own and are consistently doing things to be one family of unique members.
  7. They try new fashions & styles and make trends for us that otherwise we would hesitate to follow. Like wearing Flip Flops On Jeans would have look awkward to us but now its a high notch casual style fashion.
  8. They will have a healthy skin and hair even after constant hair and skin make up.
  9. Healthy body is the new celebrity body unlike before where skinny body was looked up to. Now all celebrities are promoting healthy bodies and insisting that young girls follow a healthy diet instead of skipping meals and becoming skinny.
  10. They spend more than half of their day on shooting sets for more than half of the year just to do a movie for us that we will finish watching within 2 hours with pop corn and drinks.


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