10 Things I Hate About Girls With Silky Hair

Silky Hairs Girls!
  1. To start off, Their ponytails will always look sexy and elegant even though they did not even bother to comb it while my ponytail will look all frizzy and bombarded even though it took me hours and hours to comb them into neat ponytail.
  2. Every new haircut that they have will be so prominent and visible and just the look will speak exactly of what haircut they had while I have to go about, “Oh no no its not feather cut, its actually deep layer cut… Notice these layers…here here these…. HERE PEOPLE THESE…”
  3. How perfectly the bangs will fall upon their face with no efforts what so ever as if they were meant to be there and no matter how much straightening and gelling I do, my bangs will always look forceful and ready to scream “PLEASE PIN UP ME. I BEG YOU.“
  4. Silky hairs factsThey can have every haircut that they like because even if it turns out to be bad, somehow it will look good on them. *OBVIOUS*
  5. Their messy bun will always look like a PROM Hairstyle.
  6. Here I am waiting for years and years for my hair to grow at least below the shoulder and there they are. Just a few couple of days and months and their hair will reach the waist. *HUH WHATEVER*
  7. It’s that day of the week when I will probably have a bad….. err no…. WORST hair day ever and you think I did not try combing, straightening, curling, gelling, spraying…… FYI, yes I did. But I just have to walk through the corridors of my college/university with worst hair day while they NEVER…I REPEAT “NEVER” ever have a bad hair day. 
  8. My $100 hairstyle which I planned for almost weeks now for this special day today will all of a sudden look so defeating in front of their simple home hairstyle using that $2 clip. 
  9. While I secure my hair in a scarf, bun and pins on a breezy wonderful day to avoid hair disasters they can let their hair open for the breeze to swing them because all it needs to set their hair straight is finger combing. 
  10. They can get up from their bed and walk on the street and look so ready and I have to get up at least half hour before my usual time to deal with my bombarded out of bed hair. 



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