10 Things I Hate About Celebrities

Things I hate about celebrities
  1. They can own cars depending upon their choice rather than thinking about budget while I have to scan through my budget and buy a car that suits my budget, even if that car ain’t my choice. To top it off, they will own exactly the same car that I can die for.
  2. Their kids pram although looking very normal and down to earth will obviously cost more than my car for which I had saved for 2 long years.
  3. They go out to get a bottle of milk or a bag of bread and the next day it is on the newspaper front page in bold big letters covering the entire front page.
  4. Whenever they make charity, they will give their heartfelt interviews, messages on TV or newspaper or make a short documentary about how much they love to help. In short, advertise their charity and everyone watching them will feel how generous, softhearted and humanitarian they are.
    Can’t they make a charity without advertising?
  5. If they come out in public as the non-celebrity people and stand in a queue, people will automatically let them go first.
    What the hell is that… Big deal they are celebrities…. But just to let you
    know, I am also standing in the queue for the past 3 hours and this queue
    hasn’t moved even a step forward… Backwards?? Yeah almost 5 times every now
    and then when some friend’s friend joined the queue.
  6. They will always be greeted at any store or restaurant with an extra broad, oh i really mean EXTRA BROAD smile.
  7. Just because they are celebrities, the salesman of the store will give them the best of service even they are not going to buy anything from their shop while here I am standing with 5 dresses in my hand and waiting for the changing room to clear up.
    And yes I am going to buy them. Just checking the size.
    But who cares, isn’t it?
  8. If they commit a crime, they will get jailed, get court hearing but most of the times they will get away with it or just end up with serving fixed time period in some Old Age Care Center, Kids Health Center, Recover Centers Etc as a punishment and their fixed time can be managed depending upon their shooting time, party time, enjoy time, friends etc.
  9. Their $20 scarf or belt, will probably be sold in $1,000,000 within a day. And my $300 branded dress will be sold in $50 after a month’s advertising through emails, phone calls, messages etc.
  10. Whether they do bad acting or bad singing, everyone all will know who they are because good or bad, everyone will at least want to see how good or bad it really is.

I thought it would be totally unfair of me to have written 10 Things I Hate About Celebrities without bringing forth the good sides of the celebrities. So to make things equal, today’s blog is about 10 Things I Love About Celebrities.


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