10 Humorous Facts About Your Everyday Hair

10 Humorous Hair Facts
  1. It will seem like your hair growth has stopped or slowed when you want to grow them long but the moment you get bangs,  it will seem like they have grown an inch right after you stepped out of the salon.
  2. Your hair will look effortlessly beautiful, silky and in style on every normal day but the day you want to look great for a party, all hell will break loose.
  3. The hairstyle you make in seconds for normal days will somehow refuse to be made on a special occasion.
  4. You will make a hairstyle over and again multiple times to get the perfect look and will end up leaving them open when you go out.
  5. The most beautiful hairstyle you can ever make will be the one you make at 2 in the night when you were just combing your hair before you sleep and happened to try a hairstyle. That hairstyle will never look the same when tried later.
  6. Sometimes even a simple hair bun or a ponytail will take you multiple times to be made.
  7. Someone will definitely mess your hair just for fun when you have styled them.
  8. Your brother or male friend will always have the temptation of pulling your hairband or hair clip off your hair.
  9. The same hairstyle you have, will look so much more professional and sexy on someone else’s hair.
  10. Your last drops of friz control hair conditioner will slip from your hand onto the floor and you don’t have an extra bottle. Did I mention you were getting ready for a date.


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